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The Truth

I am sitting here tonight over thinking everything that has been going on in my short-lived life. A mug of hot chocolate in hand, an April playlist playing thanks to 8tracks and a truckload of homework and projects surrrounding me. Going over things that have happend within the past month-hell even the past year.

Family fights, friend conflicts, procrastinating homework till the last second, low self-esteem and lastly self doubt. Wondering what has put me in this situation, I try to blame others but I know that's not what's wrong. I can't help it though. I am hard on myself. I am mean and poke at my own insecurities. I tell myself I'm not good enough for others and constantly try to climb mountains that were just never there.

I am drowning from trying to be someone else's image of perfect. But the reality is I will never be everyone's vision of perfection. So why bother trying?

        Let me tell you who I am. I am stubborn and sassy. I speak before …

Among Spring Happiness

A friend recently told me that Spring is the prettiest time of the year, because nature starts over. The snow starts melting and the temperature begins to rise. The days seems shorter and the sun shines bright. Flowers bloom where there once layer snow, and trees start to regain their leaves. Nature is born into another year, with its vibrant colors taking over.

             It got me thinking, Spring is a way for us to restart too. During dark times we may feel as if we'll never see the light again. We may be stuck in a dark time, thinking we'll never be happy again. Just like the seasons, you may feel like winter will never pass, but spring will come. The days get warmer. The flowers will blossom. The snow will melt, and you will get out of that slump and gain happiness.

We belong to live among the nature Spring brings. We belong among the flowers, where we can finally be free.

"If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after Winter passes, so can you.&…