My thoughts on the terrorist attack in Manchester.

Even though I have no words for what happened in Manchester, I’m going to try and express my thoughts and emotions.
That being said, I don’t know where to start.
Even though I live far away in California, this terror attack has spread its evil and sadness, across the globe.
I feel tremendous sorrow for those involved. For those whose lives were taken way too soon. For the families and friends. For the community. For Manchester. For the UK.  And for the world.
I find it hard to understand how someone could change what was meant to be a celebration of music and friendship, possibly the best day for many- into a day of grief for loss and hatred.
One question just won't keep me alo


Ever since we were younger we knew what pretty meant. We knew there was certain colors we had to wear and how to behave a certain way. Now we’re getting older and need others to determine our self worth. We depend on others to tell us we’re pretty, or how many likes we get on a picture. We wait on others to tell us we are pretty, because we were taught to.  But that should not be the case. We are not our physical appearance. We are not our grades. We are not the clothes we wear.  We are not that pimple by our nose, or the pudge of our stomachs. We are the mismatched socks we wear. We are our favorite music groups and tv shows.  We are the way we make people feel. We are the way we handle scary situations. We are the way we talk to others. We are masterpieces that should be shown to the world. We are beautiful, because we are us. 
And that should mean more than what you look like.
-J.M.M 11.6.16

Hello all! Okay so here is a poem I wrote back in last November but I thought I would share it because it is v…

Moms, Moms, Moms

It's that time of the year again, it's the days of moms! Although why should Mother's Day only be limited to your own mom, go pamper all the mom figures in your life! This could be your grandma, your aunt, your bestfriend's mom, the possibilities are endless. Hell, last year I gave one of my bestfriends who's "the mom" in our group a card!

Mother's Day is a day to appreciate your mom so here is some powerful, loving women who have contributed to making me the girl I am today,

M y   M o m : Okay so yes this one is obvious but it is so important. My mom is one of the most strongest people I know and she always pushes me to explore the world and to never give up. I know I am a pain but I hope you know I love you and appreciate all you do for me.
M y   G r a n d m a  (mom's side) : She's always looking after me making sure I treat my mom right, she took me to dance classes every weekend when I was younger, and she spoils me & my sister way to of…

I'm Back!

Woah! Surprise, surprise I am back! Let me explain why I was gone shall I?
Okay if I'm being honest for a while I forgot I had this blog I'm not gonna lie. But it's also because I needed to focus on my first year of high school and just enjoy life. 
But focusing on the now, I am here and very excited to start this blog again! I will hopefully post once a week (although there is about a month left of school so I might be busy) with new content! I will talk about high school and life in general, come up with any advice I come upon, share some poems I come up with and thoughts, and review many things such as movies, books, shows, clothes, makeup, etc. 
So I am very pumped and I hope you all are too!
xoxo, jess

Top 13 Favorite Fall Films

Halloween is now less than a month away, and you will soon have your costume planned out if it isn't already. The candy's coming out, the witches are brewing, and the spooky decorations are beginning to get hung.

1. Halloween Town Series

Hands down they are my favorite Halloween movies. You must watch all of them too!

2. Twitches 1 & 2

Probably my next favorites and Tia and Tamara are one of my favorite twins!

3. Hocus Pocus

Fun fact: I watched this for the first time only last year!

4. Adams Family

I mean it's a classic! *quietly sings and snaps to the theme song*

5. Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally are just so cute.

6. Scary Godmother 1& 2

Okay I'm pretty sure not a lot of people know about these but it's a childhood favorite of mine and I think it's also a book series!

7. Corpse Bride

To go along with the Tim Burton theme!

8. Coraline

Remember Don't call her caroline! Also the other mother always scared me as a child.

9. The Haunted Mansion


Fall Inspiration 2016

Hey guys I know I've been missing for a long time but I am back with a Fall Inspiration post!! So I am OBSESSED with everything fall, so of course I had to make this post. So let's dive into it!

Fall Essentials
Fall music. Ok so for me, I love to get into the fall spirit by listening to more calming music where you can just relax and chill to. Also Halloween songs... Can you blame me though?

Drinks. For fall I have always been obsessed with drinking hot chocolate, probably drank it like everyday for the past two years during the colder months.. whoops? But along with hot chocolate, I've also started getting into drinking tea? I dunno, most people like coffee more but tea is actually pretty nice!

Books. During the year I like to read, but something about the weather getting colder and the leaves changing always gets me to read a lot more. (btw I am currently ready Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and Althea and Oliver by Christina Moracho)

How to Get into the Fall Mood

two weeks.

It's time. You have around two weeks left of school. Two more weeks of after school practices, of classes, of seeing those posters in the hallways. Two more weeks of goofing off during class, seeing your teachers, and being known as the choices you have made over the past nine years. And lets be honest life may get harder. Whether you love your elementary/middle school or hate it, it's quickly coming towards an end, and you probably can't wait for what's to come. In the past year you've been shadowing high schools and choosing your highschool if not applying to a private school. You've been making more friends and final memories with your classmates, the newbies and the ones you have known since you were just kids.

          But in reality, whether you wanna be or not, you are just a kid. You will be expected to make your own decisions, but still do everything, everyone tells you to do. It's a strange thing to have one foot in middle school and the…