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Top 13 Favorite Fall Films

Halloween is now less than a month away, and you will soon have your costume planned out if it isn't already. The candy's coming out, the witches are brewing, and the spooky decorations are beginning to get hung.

1. Halloween Town Series

Hands down they are my favorite Halloween movies. You must watch all of them too!

2. Twitches 1 & 2

Probably my next favorites and Tia and Tamara are one of my favorite twins!

3. Hocus Pocus

Fun fact: I watched this for the first time only last year!

4. Adams Family

I mean it's a classic! *quietly sings and snaps to the theme song*

5. Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally are just so cute.

6. Scary Godmother 1& 2

Okay I'm pretty sure not a lot of people know about these but it's a childhood favorite of mine and I think it's also a book series!

7. Corpse Bride

To go along with the Tim Burton theme!

8. Coraline

Remember Don't call her caroline! Also the other mother always scared me as a child.

9. The Haunted Mansion