My thoughts on the terrorist attack in Manchester.

Even though I have no words for what happened in Manchester, I’m going to try and express my thoughts and emotions.

That being said, I don’t know where to start.

Even though I live far away in California, this terror attack has spread its evil and sadness, across the globe.

I feel tremendous sorrow for those involved.
For those whose lives were taken way too soon.
For the families and friends.
For the community.
For Manchester.
For the UK. 
And for the world.

I find it hard to understand how someone could change what was meant to be a celebration of music and friendship, possibly the best day for many- into a day of grief for loss and hatred.

One question just won't keep me alone. 
How can human beings who share similar DNA, who have similar difficulties, hopes, dreams, loves, irritations, excitements … hurt each other?


This wasn't a war on religion or race. This was war on one another. 
What happened in Manchester was nothing more than people against people.

It’s one thing to be lost and damaged, but it is another to walk into a crowded, happy place where ages of all roam hand-in-hand, heading back home to tell their families about their amazing time, buzzing at how alive they feel, only to have gone with a snap of a finger. 

How does this happen? Tell me how we can fix this! It's not going to be easy but we need to work on the real cause. This flaw everyone has- it's prejudice.

Prejudice is everywhere, but so rarely pointed out.

It has a great way of silencing us.

When did you last stand up for somebody who was being teased?

Have you ever pretended to laugh at somebody’s racist joke, just to “keep the peace”?

Have you ever avoided getting to know somebody personally because of their culture?
As far as I know, I see the person at fault for this, is a human with a beating heart who took the lives of undeserving human, of those different to himself, who he was taught to fear and to hate.

When he decided to press that button, he knew he was going to wreck the city and even country, but did he realize he was going to torture the hearts of those he left behind, all across the world?

The truth is, our hearts won’t mend until we start fixing the way we treat each other.