Fall Inspiration 2016

Hey guys I know I've been missing for a long time but I am back with a Fall Inspiration post!! So I am OBSESSED with everything fall, so of course I had to make this post. So let's dive into it!

                                                                Fall Essentials
Fall music. Ok so for me, I love to get into the fall spirit by listening to more calming music where you can just relax and chill to. Also Halloween songs... Can you blame me though?

Drinks. For fall I have always been obsessed with drinking hot chocolate, probably drank it like everyday for the past two years during the colder months.. whoops? But along with hot chocolate, I've also started getting into drinking tea? I dunno, most people like coffee more but tea is actually pretty nice!

Books. During the year I like to read, but something about the weather getting colder and the leaves changing always gets me to read a lot more. (btw I am currently ready Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and Althea and Oliver by Christina Moracho)

                                                     How to Get into the Fall Mood
Change your background. If your phone lock screen is of the beach or something else really summery, you should probably change it.. Im sorry but it's not summer vacation anymore, schools back :( You could change it to really anything like leaves, sweaters, or anything you like.

Light candles. Basically I am obsessed with candles. I have around 20 scented candles from last year still around my house from Bath & Bodyworks. Scented flavors that go with fall are usually my favorites (along with fruity scents) like apples, campfire, leaves, raindrops, etc. Just light as many candles as you can, but please don't burn your house down.

Read. So I don't know about you but when I go on tumblr during the colder months, I always see pictures of girls with long socks, a hot drink and a book. So hang out with a drink, put on some candles and read plus reading is good for you!

Binge Watch. I mean you could always binge watch your favorite shows, but theres something about doing it in the fall. So binge watch all your favorite shows, because the season premiere is probably coming up soon! (I'm so excited for Supernatural, AHS, Z Nation, Scream Queens, X Factor, just to name a few)

Make a Fall Playlist. I have a new playlist for the season and let's just say it is fire. I'm sorry that was super cringey but you should probably check out my Spotify.. just saying.

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